Rituals & Routines – Are Yours Constructive or Destructive?


Theres no doubt that each of us has our own little routine, our way of interacting with the day. We also have habit patterns that are firmly set in place, and most of us are simultaneously dabbling in new patterns, different approaches, and other techniques.

This helps to bring a natural balance between feeling grounded, safe, and at home while still allowing space for growth, creativity, and spontaneity.

It’s important to observe and reflect on our daily actions and patterns to recognize which ones support and promote your wellbeing and which ones are distractions. I invite you to choose to release the need to fill your time with distractions, starting one step at a time.

Your day is full of potential. Each moment you have the opportunity to take steps in the direction of your dreams, but also you have the option to just sit idly on the sidelines and watch as your dreams become further out of reach. Choose what makes you feel a sustained sense of joy, not just what stimulates your senses right now.

eat well- your body will thank you

Morning & Breakfast

Lets break down your morning step by step.

Waking Up: Imagine you’re in bed, it’s your normal wake up time (if you have one), and you’re just about to open your eyes. Before you do this, what are the thoughts that you have?

”I’m am open to the abundance of the Universe. I am grateful to be awake, happy, healthy, and full of love.”


”Ughhhh, I do NOT want to get out of bed yet & I hate going to work/school….”

I have found that after I’m awake it’s helpful to first observe my breathing for a few moments before hopping out of bed. This doesn’t take much mental activity and helps me to recognize when I wake up and immediate have a song in my head or begin thinking distracting thoughts. When I practice this, I notice that the songs and distractions don’t carry out into my day as much as if I don’t dedicate time to consciously dissolving and releasing them in the morning. I follow this up with about 15 minutes of affirmations and gratitude for a brand new day full of potential and love.

Some affirmations include:

  • In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete. Everything I could ever want and need, I already am and have.
  • I release all that is unlike love. There is time and space for everything that I want to do.
  • All parts of my body function harmoniously and properly. I am full of vital energy that helps me thrive. I am resilient and I adapt in every situation.

Transition: At some point you make the decision to get out of bed. What’s your next step? If your morning looks different each day, then do your best to generalize.

  • Go to the bathroom
  • Brush your teeth
  • Shower
  • Get dressed at a comfortable pace
  • Kiss your partner and/or children & welcome in another day
  • Do yoga
  • Go for a walk/run
  • Choose & cleanse the crystals that you’ll carry with you today
  • Check your email
  • Turn on the news
  • Throw clothes on & head straight to work

Which of these activities do you do with conscious awareness that promote your wellbeing and which ones are ways that you allow yourself to get off track?

Final Preparations for the Day: After you’ve become fully awake and have done your usual first few steps, what do you do right before you begin your work/school/adventure for the day?

  • Prepare/eat breakfast
  • Organize your agenda, documents, to-go bag, etc.
  • Take your kids to school
  • Prepare a lunch for you and/or your family
  • Clean the house and/or do the dishes
  • Make coffee/tea

Breakfast Ideas:

Almost Instant Chia Chocolate Pudding
Toasted Coconut Lemon Bread with Salted Honey Butter
Peach Mango Smoothie

Whatever it is that you choose to spend your time doing, just recognize that it is indeed your choice. The mind will make up thousands of excuses if you let it. Choose a morning routine that really gets your fire started because this is necessary to sustain your creative dance throughout the day.

take time to yourself- your mind will thank you

Evening & Dinner

You’ve done all of the “important” parts of your day and you’re headed home. What story do you tell yourself from here?

“Today has been wonderful, and tonight can be as well. I am thrilled to be on my way home (not just a physical location, but the feeling of being home).”


“I never get enough work done and the piles getting bigger. Where has the day gone? Crap! There’s nothing to eat at home, better stop at McDonalds.”

Although not everyone eats breakfast, most of us eat at least a little something towards the end of the day. It’s that time when you can finally give in and feed yourself something. Instead, you can approach it from the perspective of nurturing and loving to feed your body foods that make you feel good. Whatever you choose, its most likely a pattern that you’ve formed. Ask yourself, does the meal I make/buy help me feel sustained energy and fulfillment or is it just an excuse for food that shuts my tummy up for a little bit and pleases the tastebuds? Choose the pattern that helps you feel alive and thriving.

Dinner Ideas:

BBQ Baked Beans
Broccoli & Cheeze Soup
Pull-Apart Buffalo Bread

So yeah, dinner is important, but what about time to yourself? Do you allow yourself that freedom or do you fill your entire night with pleasing your partner, kids, parents, work, or friends? I know that it seems like there just isn’t enough time in each day, but there is. This is where quality over quantity comes into play. It’s not about how many hours you have in each day, its about how you use each and every second of it. Awareness is key.

Before Bed: How do you spend your time before you fall asleep?

  • Spend time with your children/partner/family having fun co-creating and playing
  • Do physical activity (yoga, running, gym, etc)
  • Spend time alone meeting your needs in whatever way that is for you
  • Work on your side business/venture (blogging, painting, photography, etc.)
  • Shower
  • Prepare your things and plans for the next day
  • Plop down in front of the TV until you fall asleep
  • Have friends over until no one can drink anymore
  • Go out to a club and sleep wherever you end up

I don’t know about you, but I always find little ways that my energy and time is wasting away. Every time I notice one of these, I do my best to rewire my thinking and welcome in a new pattern that can help support my dreams. I ALWAYS feel better when I do this.

My husband and I have been watching Netflix for years now. We usually watch a show (or two, or three….) when we sit down for lunch and dinner together. Working from home, this is very easy to do unconsciously. Just recently we realized how distracting and wasteful it was to be using our time this way. So our solution is that now we either enjoy our meals outside together or we choose an interview, a short documentary, or tutorials that we’ve been waiting to watch.

After dinner we have replaced episodes of a TV series with yin yoga. It is extremely relaxing, restorative, and keeps my mind calm. It prepares my body, mind, and spirit for a restful night of sleep. After yoga, I “meditate and appreciate” before I fall asleep. This means I allow my mind to relax and to reach a state of silence and stillness. If a thought does creep up, I replace it with a statement of gratitude and then resume the silence.

This simple change has helped me feel so much more productive, empowered, and creative. Instead of keeping up with the storyline and mystery of a show, I’m now living the mystery of my ever changing life.

You are what you choose to do. Do what you want to so that you can be who you want to be. It’s as simple as that.

begin your day with gratitude- your spirit will thank you


With much gratitude,




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