Hey there,


This site is an accumulation of many things that I am learning in my life experience currently. Ultimately, it will help prepare me (and hopefully you) to make a successful site for any business ideas that I may get involved with in the near future Although this site is about Web Design, Blogging, and Living a Happy Livelihood, I can promise you that the topics on this blog are a very small portion of all of my interests.

Because of this, I plan to use this blog as a way of documenting and experimenting with what I’m learning. My hope is that I will make lots of mistakes, learn many lessons, and find ways to apply the lessons that I’m learning to my other websites for the variety of business ventures that I am currently embarking on.

I live in Brasil and am happily married to the man of my dreams. I enjoy practicing yoga & Acroyoga, studying permaculture, doing, documenting, and sharing DIY projects, baking and cooking, and I love to travel.

Thanks for checking out my blog, your support means a lot to me ✌️😊

Kate Mascarenhas


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