You Are What You Choose To Do


Regardless of what you want to do, what you actually spend your time doing and thinking about is your current reality and is setting the stage for what is to come.

Of course, educating yourself on the details of any projects or ventures that you are working on is an important step. However, it’s imperative that you take notice of times when you are choosing to shelter your experience by limiting yourself to just the “gathering of information” phase.

This is true to life in general.

I promise you that I am not saying that it’s time to stop learning. Learning is what makes us grow and growing helps us thrive. Thriving is ultimately what we want as any species living here on Earth.

What I’m saying is that it’s time to take what you’ve learned, do something with it, and gain life experience.

No more hiding behind the research. No more jumping from one project idea to the next. No more holding yourself back from living up to your fullest potential.

Rather, now is the time to start opening your eyes and your heart to what you CAN do.

I invite you to do this with me as I learn what it feels like first hand to host a live blog full of growth and continuity.

I Am Willing To Change My Thoughts & Habit Patterns

The first step is being open and willing to change. Each moment you have another chance to choose a thought that will promote your health, wealth, peace, and vitality. Use your next thought as an opportunity to replace a negative thought with something positive and motivational as a gift of presence and kindness to yourself.

Old Pattern: If I keep learning how to improve the design of my site then it will have a more successful launch than if I start making live posts now but Ill never get around to actually posting anything if I continue on this path.
New Pattern: If I expand my knowledge on site design while simultaneously practicing my content creation actively, then I can feed two birds with one hand.

Old Pattern: No one will ever want to advertise on my site if I use the free theme I have currently.
New Pattern: If I learn to design a site to meet my needs, then naturally all of my needs will be met with abundance and ease.

Old Pattern: All of my projects that are worthy of being posted online should go on my main website,, why would I spend my time on other separate posts for a different website?
New Pattern:  Everything is connected. I am learning and applying knowledge about website design, social media marketing, online content creation, networking, advertising & getting paid to advertise and all of this could be documented and shared with the world on this separate yet related website.

Old Pattern:HTML, CSS, and all of the other intricacies of Web Design are too difficult and time consuming for me to really delve into.
New Pattern:I am intelligent, I am motivated, and I am dedicated to learning, growing, and creating my own beautiful reality. I can do whatever I choose.

How I Can Make Positive Changes In My Life

  • Publish posts 2-3x per week about what I am learning
  • Be courageous enough to share my knowledge and to make mistakes along the way
  • Experiment with different styles of writing and methods of presenting information
  • Cultivate an active audience
  • Observe and make appropriate changes that will help to improve the quality of my content

Areas of Focus

  • How to build a website
  • Quality content creation for blogging
  • Social media marketing & networking
  • Advertising & getting paid for hosting advertisements
  • Writing & hosting guest posts
  • Theme customization & creation
  • HTML & CSS
  • Making a business out of blogging
  • Living a happy livelihood

First 3 Decisions When Creating a Website

1. What is the purpose of your website? Will this site be primarily a blog, have a blog as one feature among many, or will it be a static website?

  • If your purpose is to share your life story and photos with the world one day at a time, then chances are it’s more appropriate for you to focus on blogging.
  • If you have a business with products for sale and static information about your company, then a simple website should suffice.
  • However, if you are an artist who wants to display a portfolio, share contact information, and show your audience/customers your updates and behind the scenes footage of your work on a weekly basis, then a multifunctional site is what you’ll need.

2. Are you willing to pay a fee to secure your custom domain name with whatever ending you choose? (For example,, .net, .me, etc.) Or would you rather use a free service that provides you with a partially predetermined address? (For example, or

There are many companies out there that offer the service of selling domain names. Often times you can even host your domain name with the same site and even use their site building platform too. Or you can choose to buy your domain from one service, host with another, and build your site on a different platform all separately.

A few examples of domain name services are:

Top 5 Domain Name Services to work with, be sure to check out this article on LifeHacker to get the details.

Free services also exist, but they almost always tack on their name to the end of your web address. As you can see on this site, I chose to go with a free domain name just to play around without feeling pressured into making this site worth any money. It’s free and it helps bring me a sense of relief in this adventure.

Here are a few options for free domain, hosting, & platform services combined:

All of these options offer the ability to upgrade to a paid premium service. So if you want to get started for free and eventually expand your options of customization then this might be an appropriate route for you.

3. What will your website be about? Who will be your target audience or niche? Which 1-5 keywords can you use to reach them?

If you want to attract active readers, it’s important to understand what they will want to read as well as what you will enjoy writing. Find a happy balance.

Having a focus of your site is important. Choosing 1-4 topics that you will focus on is helpful to guide the content creation process of your site. It can be easy to start a site that encompasses all aspects of your life, but it can also be difficult to keep up with that much ambiguity.

Choose your keywords that will bring readers to your site. Examples for this site include: web design, social media marketing, theme customization, content creation. Or maybe your focus is more on dance, choreography, & recitals. Choose the most appropriate keywords for your site and stick with them.

Take one step at a time with a positive mindset and a realistic approach. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn and to grow but don’t stop yourself from actually creating a life that you love. Or in this case, a website that you love.


Time To Reflect:

What was your biggest obstacle when starting up your website and what changes helped you push through it?