How to Provide Life Changing, Useful, & Easy to Read Content


How to Create Powerful Content

The quality of your content is no doubt an important part of the puzzle. By organizing your thoughts and ideas first, you can more easily whip up a fiery article that has the potential to touch the hearts of others.

When you structure your posts in a format that flows and is consistent, your viewers will have a much easier time navigating your post to find the parts that are particularly useful to them. This is a good thing. No one wants to read the entirety of every post they find on the internet, and they wont. By being direct, to the point, but with your own touch of sass, you can deliver a powerful punch to each viewer that reaches your site.

Life Changing, Useful & Easy to Read- All in One Post

When you arrive at an article after searching google, what is it that catches your eye? Take note of the various features that make your reading experience enjoyable and informed.

To help inspire others to make life changes, first you must take charge of your own life. By being confident in what you’re writing about, and offering suggestions that come from the heart, from your experience, and from your dedicated research, your readers will be able to feel this energy and will naturally be drawn to read your articles.

Now that you’ve lured them in energetically, its time to offer them useful information that will leave them feeling fulfilled and possibly even inspired to take the next step. Don’t just find the top 5 pages on Google about your topic and do a summary of them with link backs. Really take the time to connect with yourself and all the resources you have to create a post that will empower your reader to do bigger things with their life.


I use this spreadsheet in Numbers to help make sure that I’m not leaving anything out of each post.

Start With Structure

Before adding the juicy, fatty details to your article, its helpful to first establish a solid foundation. Include the following in your skeleton:

  • Title of the Post (well thought out and catchy)
  • 3-8 Main Focus Points- these will become headers (you can do more if its necessary, but keeping things short & sweet usually keeps the attention of your readers)
  • Conclusion
  • SEO Keywords
  • Links
  • Images

Feel free to use this example of a post outline template. This is what I use to create the skeleton of my posts. I also invite you to get creative and make one that fits your needs.

When you understand the essence of what it is that you want to tell the world, the details almost fill themselves in.

Be a Strong Body Builder

Now that you have your ideas down, its time to shape your article and give it life. Add the flare and pizzaz that you normally have in your speech into your text. This helps to show your readers the unique writer that you are. They can connect with you as the live person behind your words.

post skeleton

Here is how I begin writing my posts. I chose to use todays post as the example.


As the eyes of your reader navigate down your post, they will spend less time actually reading and more time scanning. This may seem counter-intuitive for getting someone to stay on your page for longer, but by providing the reader with a conclusion up front you directly tell them what they will be reading about. This helps to avoid any false pretenses.

If they are on target with what you’re talking about then they should want to keep reading. You’re basically going to tell them what you’re going to tell them. Next, you tell them. At the end, tell them what you’ve told them.

If you’re writing about a topic that you have experience and knowledge about, be sure to share everything that is relevant. If you need some extra support or references, don’t hesitate to find resources that help support your post. Citing your sources not only is polite, but it helps to build relationships and connections.

Using numbered lists, bullet points, images, and block quotes are all great ways to guide the readers attention to important points and to keep them interested though variety of visuals. Add any or all of these into your posts wherever possible.


Post outline with last weeks post as the example.

Pack Your Post with Nutrients

Incorporate links both from within your website and from external sources as well. When you link to your own posts it helps to create circulation though out your entire website. Related posts go well together and invite your readers to hear more about what you have to say. What is the purpose of your site and how will you present content to your audience? Present it in a way that flows, that gets the readers interested, and helps to open their minds.

Extra Bulk:

  • internal & external links
  • bold text
  • underlined text
  • social media share buttons
  • share extra resources to learn more about the topic (books, audios, podcasts, blogs, websites, etc)
  • suggestions & advice
  • questions to engage your readers further

Being consistent with how you structure your posts is helpful but not essential. If your content is shared regularly and is always superb, then your readers will most likely be faithful. However, getting started it’s helpful to establish a rhythm in posting schedule but also in the format of your posts. Your readers will become used to your style whether it is conscious or not.

What elements catch your attention when reading a blog post? Lists, How To’s, Recipes, Block Quotes, Images? Whatever comes to mind, I’d love to hear about it.

With much love and respect,