Is Your Website Personal or a Partnership?


You’ve got a general feel for what it is that you want to share with the world. You even have some ideas of how you want to go about presenting it. Are you going to do this alone or with a partner?

A website can be fully managed by an individual or it could be a co-creation of multiple contributors. Regardless of which option you choose for your website, understanding what the benefits and setbacks are for each choice is helpful in making an informed and conscious decision.


Personal VS Partnership

Among many other decisions, there is a very important question to ask yourself before hoping on the domain train and buying your hosting space:

Do I want this project to fully be my own creation, my responsibility, all in my own way? Or, do I want to partner up for creativity, to have a variety of influences, share the work load, expenses, & profits?

When you work alone you have the opportunity to do things exactly the way you want them. This is assuming you have the capacity to do and/or learn how to design, market, create content, handle customer relations, and all other associated tasks exactly as you want them. All of the responsibility, expenses, profit, content & credit is yours and yours alone.

When you work with a partner or multiple, you’ve got the chance to distribute the work load and increase efficiency. You can focus in on the areas that are most appropriate for your current skill level, you have some creative influence & ability to work together to improve an idea, and you have support from your partner(s)- that is if you choose them wisely. You WILL learn about communication, connection, and teamwork.


Your Mission and Purpose [does it match up with your potential partner(s)?]

Why do YOU want to participate in the creation & upkeep of a website?

  • Improve your writing, photography, cooking, web design, etc.
  • Cultivate dedication to something such as fitness, writing, a particular method, gardening, bee keeping, a specific diet, sharing photos & experiences with family, etc.
  • Keep a record of information such as data of your research, experiments, experiences, observations, opinions, your favorite things, travels, etc.

What need(s) of yours will this site fulfill and what need(s) will it fulfill of your readers?

Your needs can be fairly general. Such as:

  • connection
  • growth
  • dedication
  • laughter
  • creativity

The needs of your readers could be more specific. For example:

  • learn more about DIY furniture
  • tutorials on techniques of permaculture
  • vegan dessert recipes
  • improving photography with a Nikon D2100
  • learn food photography with natural lighting

What is the purpose of your site and how do you want to share content with your readers?

Do you have intentions to make money & resources from this website? If so, how?

  • advertisements
  • writing guest posts
  • review products
  • do giveaways
  • intend on growing the site and then selling it
  • create paid for content
  • create a paid for membership access only community portal
  • do sponsored events though your website

These are all questions that are important for all partners involved to answer and compare to one another to determine if you are all compatible matches for this partnership.

Things to Consider:

    • Workload

– individual
– split equal
– percentage
– based on topic or section

    • Creativity

– better when you’re alone and on your own schedule?
– influenced positively by the presence of another?
– flows back and forth and you find ways to be creative in a variety of settings?

    • Experience of working alone or in a group

Do you usually feel inspired and motivated after discussing an idea as a group or do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted? Pay attention to your emotions when working in a group in comparison to how you feel working alone. Cultivating this awareness could directly help you make your decision of whether to work solo or not.

    • Social accountability

– follow through
– time schedule
– being open and willing to take on necessary projects
– recognize & do your best to meet the needs of your partner(s) (ex. time zone difference? don’t wake your partner up at 4am their time because you’re excited and want to tell them your idea. Be patient and ask yourself, “would I want my partner to do this to me?” before doing it)
– presence; are you totally there? or is your mind wandering as your partner is sharing an idea or opinion? how much do you actually listen and stay attentive to your group meetings?

    • Expenses, profits & resource distribution

– Determine how the expenses will be broken up (if necessary)
– Understand from the start how the money made will be distributed
– If you receive free products and/or sponsorships, how will those be shared or distributed?

    • Basic decision making methods

– Consensus: All members with voting power must either agree or stand neutral. If anyone votes against then the terms must be modified until all members are neutral or for the same decision
– Majority wins
– Work with a point system. The members votes can be worth a varied amount of points based on rank or position within your business/website (if applicable). The option with most points wins.

    • Group additions policy & how it works

– What is your maximun number of members that you’d want as part of your team?
– Do you have any requirements? If so, what are they?
– Will new members be equal partners and have equal voting and monetary rights?
– Will there be a hierarchal structure within the company/website? If so, who reports to whom?
– How much flexibility, creativity, and control does each new member have in regards to content creation?

    • Feedback (Giving & Receiving)

– Are you capable of giving loving & constructive feedback to your friends & partners?
– Are you able to receive feedback (regardless of how it’s given) in a way that promotes your wellbeing and growth & without taking offense?
– Can you improve your skills in communication to more clearly and effectively share your thoughts and feedback with others? If so, do it! This will help in so many aspects of life, regardless of whether or not you choose to do a website alone or with a partner.

As you begin to treat your site with love, commitment and respect, you will begin to observe the impacts of each decision you make. You’ll notice that with every decision you have another opportunity to raise your awareness and focus your energy towards growth, connection, abundance, and compassion to help promote the wellbeing and vitality of your site while positively impacting the lives of those who read your words.

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Is your website project personal or a partnership? Let me know! I’m curious to hear about your experiences with blogging and running a website solo or with a partner.


Wishing you abundance, growth, & love in your journey,